Strength May Not Be What You Think It Is


Devoid of her own personal wit, Theresa May has fallen back on the ‘coalition of chaos’ barb that worked so well for Cameron in the last election to attack basically all other parties and any notions of a progressive alliance.

The fact that in 2015 the Tories had just been in a pretty unstable coalition themselves (omnishambles budgets, academies, etc.) didn’t register on their irony scale at the time, nor, unfortunately, with the feeble irony-o-meter of the general public, who ended up giving ham-bot and his cabal of wreckers carte blanche to unleash Brexit and throw us into actual, bona fide chaos… And still nothing from the masses.

The greater irony is, however,  had the public not drank so deeply from the Old Etonian cup, the Tories would have been forced back into coalition. With whom is irrelevant, because one of the first things ‘call me Dave’ would have put on the table in any negotiation would have been the referendum, which he didn’t really want, but was using as bargaining chip. A hubristic gamble that exploded in his face, just like the old days when he was fagging, possibly. So in essence, coalition would probably not have been all that chaotic by comparison to what transpired, it would have saved us all from so much fuckery.

So the next time you see a Tory banging on about strength and stability and suggesting any alternative to them is chaos, do remember that they are the architects of the most socially and politically unstable times in a generation. Giving the Tories a free hand has been disastrous and to do it again in 2017 would be lunacy.


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