The NME Is Staffed By Educationally Sub-Normal Buffoons


What’s happened to the NME? I know all the banal cliches about hating it because I am old and it’s not aimed at my generation but that’s not what I am talking about. What I am talking about is the lack of care, the general fecklessness, the complete disregard for forming coherent sentences.

Recently they ran a piece on the top 500 rock n roll albums as voted by NME staff past and present. All very well and good, it’s the sort of endlessly naval gazing, backwards looking snooze-athon that the entire media industry has been indulging in for about 20 years. There’s no ground breaking journalism going on there any more, everyone knows that but if you’re going to undertake such a large project at least do it properly. The online version was riddled with mistakes, half formed sentences, spelling errors and poor grammar. Yes, they had to write 500 captions and that’s a lot for their tired little fingers but still, that’s their job. Do it properly.

A week later, a similar thing happened with their online piece about the biggest vinyl sellers of the 21st century. It was, in places, barely legible. This isn’t me not being down with the NME hep-cat’s new-fangled lingo, it’s just fucking sloppy nonsense written by people who take no pride in their work.

When I was an avid NME reader [cue Hovis music] they had an embarrassment of fantastic writers, who could make the hair on the back of your neck stand up merely by describing how good a Buffalo Tom gig was. I don’t even like Buffalo Tom. Now they are unable to caption a picture with any wit or style or, in fact, in recognisable English.

I let most of this stuff slide these days, I may, perhaps, mention occasionally, on my Facebook page, how awful some of these things are “ooh, the NME is rubbish”  I’ll say, “get a sub” I might add, all to general indifference but today I was shocked to discover, while reading some trite drivel about Huey Morgan, that not only are NME staffers incapable of writing basic copy, they are also unable to discern a cat from a dog. Has it really come to this?  This article links to a tweet from Huey stating that the tweet shows a picture of a cat in a cup BUT IT’S A DOG. IT’S A FUCKING DOG. It’s very clearly a dog.

What’s happened to the NME?


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